WolfStock 2020 raises $30,000 for Shy Wolf Sanctuary Education and Experience Center

Click here to watch a replay of WolfStock 2020.

Shy Wolf Sanctuary Education and Experience Center is pleased to announce that its signature fundraising concert, WolfStock 2020, raised $30,000. Proceeds from the event will support the sanctuary’s ongoing efforts to rescue and provide emergency care for abused, abandoned, and neglected exotic animals that would otherwise be euthanized, simply for being born.


Through its 20+ year history, Shy Wolf Sanctuary has rescued well over 1,300 wolves, wolfdogs, and other captive-bred exotic animals like the viral wolfdog sensation Yuki. After living at Shy Wolf for 12 years, Yuki died peacefully in his sleep on November 12. There are hundreds more animals around the country like Yuki, in need of rescue, which is why the organization is expanding in Southwest Florida.


WolfStock 2020 was a hybrid concert livestreamed on Facebook. The event featured the high-energy, lyrical entertainment of Justin Ross, a founding musician of WolfStock, and the prolific work of Henry Gross, founding member of the Fifties Revival Group “Sha Na Na.” In addition to the concert, supporters were able to bid on over 100 auction items that included both in-person experiences and virtual learning opportunities, food and wine, golf, fishing charters, art, and fine jewelry.


Community members are invited to watch a replay of the concert, free of charge, on Shy Wolf Sanctuary’s Facebook page. For more information, visit www.ShyWolfSanctuary.org.




About Shy Wolf Sanctuary

Shy Wolf Sanctuary Education and Experience Center was founded in 1993. Incorporated as a nonprofit organization in January 2001, Shy Wolf strives to educate people about captive-bred exotic animal rescue while helping animals in need. Shy Wolf Sanctuary has rescued over 1300 animals and provided valuable educational experiences to tens of thousands of human visitors from around the world.


Shy Wolf Sanctuary’s current facility has reached capacity, so the organization is expanding in Southwest Florida. Its vision is to revolutionize captive animal care, particularly in disaster planning and education, while providing a place of hope and healing for all that enter the gates. Through animal encounters and immersive educational programs, Shy Wolf Sanctuary hopes to inspire visitors to take ongoing action to protect wildlife and the sensitive environment by spreading kindness and compassion to the greater community.


For more information, visit www.ShyWolfSanctuary.org.