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12 Sep

Shy Wolf Sanctuary rescues Arrow, an 8-month-old Wolfdog

2 Sep

Charitable bequests for Shy Wolf Sanctuary

You cannot leave money to pets nor can they continue to thrive on their own. Thus, the best option is to plan your estate properly so that you can leave your pet to a trusted person or organization like a local sanctuary, shelter, or rescue group.   Aside from being trustworthy, that person or organization […]

19 Aug

Small group day projects support Shy Wolf Sanctuary’s mission

When Nancy and Kent Smith rescued their first exotic animal, they planted the seed of the sanctuary’s advocacy. The support of generous sponsors and selfless volunteers helped Shy Wolf thrive to rescue many more animals in the decades since.   While donations help in securing resources, it is truly our volunteers that mobilize Shy Wolf’s […]

14 Jul

How much does it take to feed Shy Wolf’s resident animals?

9 Jul

Protect animals from heartworms year-round

Heartworm disease is nasty. It is caused by a parasitic worm called Dirofiliara Immitis or heartworms and can live inside a definitive host for five to seven years. Heartworms can potentially grow between 4 to 12 inches and form into groups called worm burden. These worms thrive in internal organs, specifically, the heart, lungs, and […]

27 Jun

Prevent animal anxiety during the 4th of July

29 May

4th Annual WolfStock BrewFest and Concert to be held November 12, 2022

  (Naples, FL – May 29, 2022) Shy Wolf Sanctuary Education & Experience Center is hosting its 4th Annual WolfStock BrewFest and concert on Saturday, November 12th from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the Paradise Coast Sports Complex in Naples. The event features a full afternoon of entertainment, samplings of craft beers from many […]

15 May

Understanding your pet to get the best care

Like humans, pets have quirks – peculiar needs that are unique from others. In most cases, the difficulty in managing pets arises when we do not fully understand these peculiarities. Consequently, we get frustrated when it seems that nothing makes them happy. Sometimes, it might even lead to inadvertently harming them. This is especially true for […]

8 May

When is it important to test for an animal’s DNA and when is it not?

DNA testing has come a long way. Not only has it helped humans, but it has also revolutionized animal care and research. The DNA carries the most basic information about a certain creature, thus knowing your animal’s DNA could help you understand them better. Certain breeds exhibit known behaviors.   Domestic animals come from a […]

4 May

Coyotes as neighbors

Every spring Shy Wolf Sanctuary Education and Experience Center receives calls from good-hearted citizens begging us to trap and save the coyotes in their neighborhood. The callers are worried that the coyotes will be killed, but also don’t want them living next door. It’s our experience that coyotes must be left in the wild. This […]