The story of Shy Wolf started in 1993 with founders Nancy and Kent Smith. They began taking in animals that were not accepted by government animal services, wildlife rehabilitators, or zoos. Their first rescue was a Black Asian Leopard, Moondance.


In 2001, Shy Wolf became a 501(c)3 charity with an independent board of directors and volunteers who have helped it grow to what it is today. Shy Wolf Sanctuary is a refuge for a cougar, numerous wolves and wolfdogs, as well as several exotic species of fox from as far South as Brazil and as far North as the Arctic Circle and West as North Africa. Other rescues also include: Prairie Dogs, Florida Gopher Tortoises, Sugar Gliders and a North American Bobcat. Shy Wolf Sanctuary is one of the few places permitted to care for the threatened Florida Gopher Tortoise.


To date, Shy Wolf has rescued over 1,260 animals and provided valuable educational experiences to tens of thousands of human visitors from around the world all from a couple of acres behind the Smith’s house. However, our current facility has reached capacity and we are making plans to expand to a 17-acre campus. Click here to read more about our future plans.


Far more than rescue and sanctuary, Shy Wolf has been offering educational programs and therapeutic animal encounters for more than twenty years. Educational programs range from peacefully co-existing with wildlife to advocating for the animals that can’t speak for themselves. Additionally, Shy Wolf partners with area nonprofit organizations to provide hope and healing to at-risk youth through our Healing Hearts program.


We hope that you will schedule a visit to experience Shy Wolf Sanctuary first hand and join our pack of passionate supporters that are healing hearts and minds for all who come through our gates!