Shy Wolf Sanctuary | Our Future
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Our Future

Our Future

We are diligently looking for a new larger property of at least 20 acres for Shy Wolf Sanctuary in Collier or Lee County so we can remain near our volunteer support. Our animals are currently housed on 1.5 acres of private property with no buildings to shelter them in a natural disaster. Our new sanctuary designs include a hurricane rated building that would also function as a fire shelter, where we can lock down our animals in secured enclosures. There will be extra kennels and space for temporary kennels or crates to house additional animals, whether it be First Responders working the natural disaster or community members evacuating an emergency situation. We believe all lives are precious and wish to serve as a greater resource to the community. Achieving our goal and building the new Sanctuary will accomplish this as we will have dedicated caretakers who would stay and could provide constant care to our residents and guests.

If you would like to be part of our future and help us build a new sanctuary from the ground up,

please give From the Heart ~ For the Animals.


If you have experience and resources and would like to join a committee or our board of directors, please contact Executive Director, Deanna Deppen: