15 May

Understanding your pet to get the best care

Like humans, pets have quirks – peculiar needs that are unique from others. In most cases, the difficulty in managing pets arises when we do not fully understand these peculiarities. Consequently, we get frustrated when it seems that nothing makes them happy. Sometimes, it might even lead to inadvertently harming them. This is especially true for […]

8 May

When is it important to test for an animal’s DNA and when is it not?

DNA testing has come a long way. Not only has it helped humans, but it has also revolutionized animal care and research. The DNA carries the most basic information about a certain creature, thus knowing your animal’s DNA could help you understand them better. Certain breeds exhibit known behaviors.   Domestic animals come from a […]

4 May

Coyotes as neighbors

Every spring Shy Wolf Sanctuary Education and Experience Center receives calls from good-hearted citizens begging us to trap and save the coyotes in their neighborhood. The callers are worried that the coyotes will be killed, but also don’t want them living next door. It’s our experience that coyotes must be left in the wild. This […]

27 Apr

SWS Receives Grant from The Martin Foundation

Shy Wolf Sanctuary Education and Experience Center is very honored to be the recipient of a $10,000 grant from The Martin Foundation for general support and operations.  These funds are critical to the organization and our efforts to heal hearts and minds through rescue, sanctuary, and education. Many grants are restricted in their use, and […]

17 Apr

Happy National Volunteer Week

Shy Wolf Sanctuary started out as 100% volunteer run and remains largely the same.  We have grown to where we have some paid staff to support the volunteer efforts.  We could not rescue animals in dire need, provide sanctuary and the best daily care, or educate visitors and the community without the commitment of dedicated […]

13 Apr

Lelo and Bear

We were contacted about Lelo and Bear a couple of different times.  This is a situation in which Lelo was bought as a lower content wolf than she turned out to be with DNA testing.  Purchased from a different state, wolfdogs are legal to own without permits.  Wolves, however, require a Class II Fish and Wildlife […]

11 Apr

Welcome Zack Manley

Please help us welcome Zack to our staff as our new Project Coordinator. He is a graduate of FGCU with a degree in business. He found his true love working with the animals while volunteering in their colloquiem class. Zack will be welcoming new our new volunteers, orienting them to the sanctuary, overseeing group projects and […]

9 Apr

Red Fox Gypsy Rescued

Gypsy is an 8 year old female red fox who recently lost her friend Salem.  Her person loves her dearly, but felt she would do better living with other foxes.  When we picked Gypsy up, she immediately won the hearts of all staff and volunteers with her sweet personality.  It’s refreshing to have a fox that […]

7 Apr

Avow Treasures is Moving

5 Apr

CREE – RIP 04/04/22 We have sad  news to share with everyone. Last night we had to say goodbye to our wolfdog, Cree. Cree lived a long 15 years with us but unfortunately his body started shutting down. We knew it was his time as he became very lethargic, didn’t want to eat, and was having […]