We cannot possibly begin to take in all the animals in need. However, support from donations are vital to our organization’s survival and ability to care for these helpless animals.



We attempt to heal “Mind, Body, & Spirit” by treating our animals’ physical ailments, providing unconditional love, supplying endless food, and accommodating any special needs they may have (even though that are made aggressive by man’s in-humane treatment). Many animals are adoptable and are available through the Wolf Dog Rescue Network. Applications, vet references, home visits, and follow-up are mandatory.




Complete Placement Questionnaire.

This helps us to better screen prospective homes.

take pictures



Send Good Photos.

Full side view, full front view, and head close-up.

NOTE: Photos should be taken from the same level as the animal.




Email Form & Photos to




Our volunteers will contact you with follow up steps.

Placement process information, animal evaluation, updates and transport.

PLEASE NOTE:  Shy Wolf Sanctuary, Education and Experience Center generally stays “full to capacity” but can occasionally take a surrendered animal that fits into one of our packs or enclosures / habitats. Even if we cannot take the animal we will make every effort to assist you in keeping or re-homing the animal. This process takes time so your patience is appreciated. We work with rescue networks across the country to save animals in need.


If you are having a problem with containment, escapes, food, medical, other animal aggression…or other potentially manageable situations we will make every effort to assist you with ideas, suggestions, training techniques and resources. We have a large network of experienced volunteers, owners, and rescuers willing to help you overcome challenging situations. Don’t wait until it’s “too late” and the situation has escalated to one of urgency.