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Shy Wolf Sanctuary is poised to propel our mission of healing hearts and minds through Rescue, Sanctuary, and Education forward in a bold new way through this transformative campaign.

A SANCTUARY FOR ALL will address three strategic priorities:

Rescue with Icon
  • Keep animals out of rescue and in their homes
  • Respond to more calls for help
  • Partner to save wild animals like bears and panthers
Sanctuary with Icon
  • Build larger natural habitats
  • Construct CAT 5 hurricane-resistant shelters
  • Expand specialized veterinary services
Education with Icon
  • Expand research capabilities
  • Provide a dynamic visitor experience
  • Change more lives through our Healing Hearts program



With an eye on the future, Shy Wolf Sanctuary has purchased a 17-acre property to expand our current campus and programs to reach more animals and humans alike. The unique, interactive facility will be a healing, experiential and educational destination for all.


Our vision is to create an internationally-recognized sanctuary that is revolutionizing captive animal care and education, while providing a place of hope and healing for all who enter our gates. Through animal encounters and immersive educational programs, we will inspire visitors to take ongoing action to protect wildlife and our sensitive environment while spreading kindness and compassion to our greater community.

The new campus will feature:

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This building will serve as the Welcome and Education Center, introducing visitors to the history and mission of the Sanctuary. It will feature an exciting viewing window into a large animal habitat. During disasters, the Center will double as a CAT 5 hurricane-resistant animal shelter for pets of first responders and community members.


The space will be available to the general public to rent for private events and will feature a commercial catering kitchen. There are also plans for a dedicated food preparation space for resident animals who consume over 24,000 pounds of raw meat per year. Walk-in coolers/freezers and industrial-grade kitchen equipment will allow the Sanctuary to receive and handle more meat to be safely processed and stored.


The large animal care building will allow for enhanced enrichment and behavioral training for our residents, and will be constructed as a CAT 5-rated shelter for protection from hurricanes and wildfires.


Each habitat will exceed Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation’s safety standards with 10’ fencing, cantilevered 3’ lean-ins and anti-dig components, and will thoughtfully address the animals’ needs. The habitats will house a variety of enrichment and water features,  providing a more natural and stimulating environment through which resident animals can be safely rotated. The ability to move animals from one enclosure to another is a revolutionary concept not achievable in most facilities.


Shy Wolf has big plans for our smaller animals including foxes, prairie dogs, Gopher tortoises, and raccoons. Each habitat will provide a natural environment and creative enrichment for them, specially designed for each species.


Building a facility from the ground up will allow us to help species we currently cannot assist but receive requests for, such as various reptiles in the exotic pet industry, birds of prey, and even unique Florida wildlife like un-releasable bats.


This unique exhibit will feature two large enclosures, connected by an underpass so visitors will be able to experience our life-saving efforts as they walk or ride over the tunnel at the same time one of our rescued wild animals passes through it.


This underground feature will enable animals to safely transition from one protected area to another, supporting the efforts to preserve Florida panthers, black bears, and other wildlife. Plans include a viewing window and cameras to watch the animals travel between areas.


An existing building on the property will be converted to a state-of-the-art, dedicated veterinary clinic for resident animals, where we will be able to provide even more specialized care while allowing individuals to do externships caring for a variety of species.


Features will include a large open exam-surgical area and the ability to house large captive-bred exotic animals for monitoring and care. Specialty equipment will be acquired to perform necessary procedures such as x-rays and ultrasounds, and there will be basic lab testing abilities as well. The clinic will be a resource to community partners to treat larger injured wildlife like the Florida panther and black bear. 


Animal care requires 24/7 dedication from staff and volunteers. We know firsthand that medical emergencies can happen at any time of the day or night.


One of the existing houses will be remodeled to accommodate the property manager and their family. Another existing house will enable Shy Wolf to offer room and board to people seeking internships as they pursue careers in zoology, biology, genetics, and psychology. Developing strong internship programs for graduate students will help us support educational and research projects, as well as sustainably expanding operations. 


An existing house on the property will be converted to an administration building to support Sanctuary operations. It will house offices for the Executive Director as well as the Finance and Donor Development departments and any other “behind-the-scenes” needs required to run a nonprofit organization.


Shy Wolf Sanctuary will be able to create unique and memorable experiences for guests through specialized exhibits, and they will undoubtedly share details with others, generating more interest and excitement.


The Treehouse Experience will be an ADA-accessible opportunity for visitors to climb into the trees and observe the animals in their natural habitats from above. It will be a one-of-a-kind experience as the animal chorus envelops visitors from their lofty vantage point, and the song rises through the trees.


The Bat Experience will introduce guests to bats’ unique features and the ecological importance of protecting these often misunderstood creatures by giving new insight into their habits and way of life.


The Butterfly and Bee Garden will give guests a chance to peacefully meander through various flowers and plants curated to support butterflies and bees as they demonstrate their importance to pollination and humankind’s survival.



Seeing this vision become a reality will take the whole community coming together to share the message, help raise the funds, and see the project through.


There are a number of ways to support A SANCTUARY FOR ALL:

To make a sight-raising gift of $25,000 or more and to learn about naming opportunities, please contact Max Costanzo, Fundraising Manager, at or (954) 646-9691.