Native Visions 30th Anniversary Celebration

Native Visions Galleries celebrated 30 years of fine art featuring eight of South Africa’s most world-renowned artists. Our animal ambassadors and handlers attended the four-day event benefitting Shy Wolf Sanctuary.

Special Appearances were made by these Native Visions Artists:

Mopho Gonde (Botswana), David Langmead (Zimbabwe), Kim Donaldson (Cape Town), Margaret Gradwell (South Africa), Godfrey Zonde (Zimbabwe), John Seerey-Lester, Suzie Seerey-Lester, and Rob MacIntosh.

“Night Stalker” by John Seerey Lester

Shy Wolf Sanctuary animal ambassadors, Chief, Phoenix and Bo-Bo, met guests at the Jupiter and Naples locations during the March 22-25, 2017 event.

“We are very honored Native Visions selected us as their celebration beneficiary,” said Shy Wolf Sanctuary board president Deanna Deppen. “Raising awareness for exotic animals is our shared mission through this partnership.”


Native Visions Galleries represents many of the world’s foremost wildlife and nature artists, carrying both traditional and contemporary works of fine art. Works include original paintings, leadwood, bronze and stone sculpture, raku, amazing glass art and limited editions of stunning wildlife scenes and portraits, bird life, beautiful landscape scenes and florals, as well as seascapes and marine life.

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