Labor of Love

We care for our animals 365 days a year. That’s Monday thru Friday, weekends, and holidays. It’s hard work providing proper food, shelter, medical care, and enrichment programs for over 60 exotic animals. Most of our animals come to us from abandoned, abused or neglected situations. It’s a true labor of love and we do it for the animals, from the heart.

Rescuing our first animal 24 years ago, we became Shy Wolf Sanctuary in 2001. When we rescue an animal to come and live at Shy Wolf Sanctuary, we make them a promise.

For always. Forever. And no matter what. 

We are able to save and care for these animals with our amazing family of volunteers, who love our animals as much as we do. We are so grateful to each one of you who makes the commitment and comes to clean, feed, care and love them. Rain, sunshine, hot, or cold weather…no matter what. For those of you who support us by donating money and supplies, we are so grateful to have food, medical supplies, vet care, and shelter for our animals.

Each animal has their own unique personality and the bond we have with them makes for a magical relationship. They know we love them and give us so much love in return.  And we have fun.

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From the Heart ~ For the Animals,

Nancy and Kent Smith
Shy Wolf Sanctuary
Education & Experience Center

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