Ozzy puppy won the lottery!

Puppies are cute, right?  Any three month old puppy should be easy to place, shouldn’t it?  Well, it turns out that New Guinea Singing Dog puppies are a bit harder to find homes that will commit for the long haul.  We took three puppies in at three months old, and we had pre-approved homes lined up.  Within two days two of the three homes had backed out and the long search was on.  Can they live with cats?  Maybe, with the right commitment?  Can they live with other dogs?  Yes, with the right introduction.  Singers are small enough to be apartment or condo dogs, but they like to talk a lot.  Neighbors may not appreciate that.  Some applicants didn’t like the fact that we checked lease agreements or required actual current leases to be presented.  We take our job placing animals responsibly seriously and we commit to the animal for it’s lifetime.  Should any need ever arise, Shy Wolf will be there for that animal.  We’ve placed several hundred animals over 20 years…and THAT is a huge commitment.  We’re very fortunate to have found an amazing home willing to commit the time and effort to this uniquely challenging and fulfilling puppy.  Ozzy is already learning from his big brother Loki to chill in the sun and cool off in the pool.  We think Ozzy won the lottery!