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Shy Wolf Sanctuary Wolfdog Treasure
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Treasure, previously named Seth, was found as a stray in a junkyard in Brooksville, Florida.  He was taken by Hernando County Animal Control, where the staff fell in love with him.

Animal Shelters, as a rule, will not adopt out any animal that has any signs of “wolf” in them. They kept Treasure longer than they normally would have, and finally called Shy Wolf Sanctuary to find him a home.

Transport was arranged with volunteers Holly Yager-Torres and Lori Beasley. The women donated their time, driving to Brooksville and back to Shy Wolf, in order to deliver Treasure safely to his new home. It was obvious to us that someone had worked with him since he knew and responded to several basic commands and readily sought attention.

Treasure is now a companion to Jewel, another one of our wolfdogs, and is no longer at risk of being put down. He loves to go on long walks, or to special events, where he is an instant favorite with people of all ages. His growth has been tremendous and we have high hopes that he will be one of Shy Wolf’s best ambassador animals yet!



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