Run Free Lobo 04/19/16

It is with heavy hearts that we share the sudden and unexpected passing of Lobo. He seemingly crossed in his sleep as we all would like to go. A senior member of the sanctuary he held a unique place that was belied by his common name.

Lobo came to us 14 years ago as a young pup who was out of control just being a pup and chewing things…chairs, sofas, and harnesses. He was immediately placed within a family group and quickly became the stern but benevolent leader.


His group got the nickname “the Brat Pack” because they were mischievous and banded together. A regal and sweet personality was matched only by the beautiful way he phased, at times resembling a silverback gorilla.


We know Lobo is at peace with Kawani Four Socks, Nokomis, and the rest of the pack gone before. Your prayers and healing thoughts are greatly appreciated for the two and four legged family he leaves behind, particularly Waya.


We got the call on Lobo when he was only 6 months old.  The story relayed was that the older couple had bought him on the side of the road for $50.  They tried making him an inside dog.  Their matching furniture still matched…but it was shredded!  They tried chaining him out and he chewed through the harness, so they resorted to making a harness out of chain link.  That’s when we got “the call” that usually starts with “please take my dog” and ends with “if you can’t take him he’s going to the shelter”…most wolfdogs and dogs labeled as wolfdogs do not make it out of shelters alive.


We introduced Lobo to some other young wolfdogs we had rescued and they formed a strong and lasting bond. Lobo has grown into a kind and patient leader of his pack, showing restraint in corrections and warming up fairly quickly to new volunteers.  He used to go on educational outings but has since decided to leave that role up to someone else.


Lobo would probably be classified as an upper mid content wolfdog due to his physical characteristics and behaviors. He’s social to people he knows but somewhat shy of newcomers. His ears are bigger & more pointed (like a shepherd) while his nose and forehead is straighter and more flat (like a wolf). Lobo is a black phase and is silvering out beautifully as he matures.

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