Coosa the Conquerercoosa

It is with heavy hearts that we said goodbye to one of our elder statesmen on 02/22/17. Coosa was in his twelfth year having come to Shy Wolf Sanctuary at just 18 months old. He was a quiet and reserved boy who opened his heart to a very few of our volunteers. When he did he would excitedly greet you with welcoming whines and grumbly growls that left some wondering if he was angry…but that was the only way he knew to communicate. During his years with us, Coosa had many different companions, but spent the last few years with a full wolf Namid. His passing was sudden and unexpected for us because wolves and wolfdogs are so strong and hide any signs of weakness. His body was so wrought with cancer that the vets could not believe he was even able to walk. Despite the incredible pain he must have endured, Coosa the Conquerer was up and ready to go for his run and greet his favorite volunteers who came to hold him as he passed. The entire sanctuary pack started to sing for Coosa as our volunteers held him and our vet released him to join the rest of our pack who have gone before. Run free sweet boy until we can all be together again.


Coosa came to Shy Wolf Sanctuary in 2008 at 2 years of age. His owner had to sell his home as he could no longer afford it and Coosa urgently needed a new one. He had been in the adoptables album and had been placed, but it didn’t work out. He’s a very shy boy and the new people were not happy that he hadn’t bonded with the woman after only a week.

We had taken in Pawnee (formerly Ringo) from this same owner and agreed to take Coosa when the placement didn’t work out. Coosa and Pawnee had been in together before, so we knew it was a pairing that would work. He’s a beautiful shepherd mix mid content that had been in the house as a youngster, when he had a broken leg.

He’s very selective in who he allows to approach. He’s a strong enough personality to stand up to Namid and has become her long term companion. She is a dominating female that would not get along with a lot of males.

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