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Shy Wolf Sanctuary Wolfdog Chief
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Chief is a beautiful low content wolfdog that originally came from a high-kill shelter in Alabama.  He had been escaping and picked up several times by shelter staff.  The previous owner finally got tired of bailing him out and signed Chief over to the shelter.  Though shy at first, he warms up to people and gets very excited to see you coming.  The staff at the shelter saw this diamond in the ruff and kept him alive much longer than they normally would have, given he had the label “wolf” in a state that has banned wolves and wolfdogs.

We knew the sacrifices that were being made on his behalf, literally other dogs dying in his stead, and were desperate to find a foster or home for him.  We lined up foster at another sanctuary in Florida.  However, due to communication issues, they backed out after Chief was already on the road and on his way down to Florida.

At that point, we had few options and elected to bring him to Shy Wolf Sanctuary and attempt to put him in with Pawnee’s group.   Joanne Strinka of Lost Wolf Rescue came to our aid and transported him the last leg of the trip.  Needless to say, that grouping did work out.




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Adoptables, Chief, Donate, male, Sponsor, wolfdog