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Why and Why Not a Wolfdog

A wolfdog is not going to be happy caged or on a chain at the back of someones yard.  ( Actually NO animal should be treated like that, if you want a pet then he should be part of your family and in the house.)  A 15 to 20 minute walk will not be enough for him either, remember this animal is basically a wolf with some dog traits bred into him.  Wolves usually have 800 square miles of territory to run in and they can run at 35 to 40 miles per hour.  If they do not get enough exercise they will find other ways to use that energy, some love leather and chew up any shoes they find, some dig well and escape fenced yards, others chew through drywall in the house, left alone in a garage one partially destroyed the owner’s car.

Wolfdogs tend to be intelligent, but not all will obey commands like “sit” or “stay” not because they cannot learn commands but because they are unmotivated to do them.  Everyone generally believes a wolfdog will make a better guard dog but the fact is wolves have a shy nature and are terrified of humans and do not make good guard dogs.

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