Where has 2017 gone?

As I sit down to write this, I can’t help but wonder “Where has 2017 gone?”…  This has been an incredible year where we have faced two natural disasters in different ways.  We evacuated over 70 animals in one day when the wildfires became a direct threat to the sanctuary last April.  Then in September we hunkered down and walked the fence lines throughout Hurricane Irma.  It feels like the year has flown past and “THANK YOU” isn’t enough to say to all who stepped up to assist us in person or by donating.

Shy Wolf Sanctuary has come a long way since Irma barrelled through, but there is still much to do.  The coyote pen and bobcat enclosure have been repaired.  Debris has been removed.  But there are still many enclosures still needing attention, particularly the one housing Nikita and Hopa.  The whole back fence line needs to be replaced as it is old and leaning.  Mostly. we need help from people with knowledge of installing chain link and the physical ability to do so.  Our regular fencing company has always been busy and difficult to schedule but you can imagine with the hurricane that will be even more challenging.  So if anyone out there has the ability to help on this project, please contact us at admin@shywolfsanctuary.org .

Even with all of this, rescue must go on and in the last month alone we’ve taken in a number of new souls and helped rehome others.  Sierra was a 9 year old husky mix whose person died of cancer and we found her a new home with one of our former adopters.  Caleb was the most recent wolfdog in need because he’d spent the last five years on a chain to keep him from jumping a 4’ fence.  He is being fostered by people who adopted from us locally and we’re hoping that turns into a permanent home.  We also took in two skunks, Mork and Mindy, abandoned at a vet after Irma as well as two foxes, George and Gracie, who were posted on social media.   Our founder Nancy Smith rehabbed an Irma squirrel baby and successfully released Sir Squeaks-a-Lot to the oak tree out front (one of the few undamaged by the storm) and we just transferred two orphaned raccoon babies to The Conservancy for rehab and ultimate release.

The last two new rescues were a pair of New Guinea Singing Dogs (Canis dingo familiaris), considered to be some of the rarest canines in the world.  There’s only one confirmed recent sighting of these dogs in the wild in an extremely remote part of Papua New Guinea.  This pair found themselves turned into a shelter in Texas, possibly a result of Hurricane Harvey, and then fostered but in need of permanent placement.  They came to my house as a part of the extended Shy Wolf Family and it’s our hope that they will eventually be able to do some educational programs.  First, however, we need to see if something can be done to help Hunter as his eyesight is going with what appear to be cataracts.

While we look to the future and building a new facility, we continue to care for our residents and answer requests for rescue to the best of our ability.  We can only do that with your continued support.  Please consider sponsoring one of our newest residents or an old friend.  As you’re making out your holiday shopping lists, remember the animal lovers with a meaningful donation to our residents or gifts from our online shop.  If shopping online at other stores, you can use one of the portals that donates back to charities like GoodShop, iGive, Amazon Smile or even donate by searching through GoodSearch.  There are many ways to support our efforts through social media as well.  To learn more simply email us at info@shywolfsanctuary.org – THANK YOU!

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Deanna Deppen

Executive Director

Shy Wolf Sanctuary

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