Shy Wolf Sanctuary | Shy Wolf Sanctuary Education Program Summer 2017
Shy Wolf Sanctuary Education Program Summer 2017
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Summer Education with Loki and Friends

Summer Education with Loki and Friends

This summer was a busy one with our ambassador animals going out to teach people all about wolves and wolf dogs. We attended several summer camps for kids and had many presentations for adults, including a Vet Tech class of super students, The Guys Group of Naples, and Trailways Camp for Adults.

We have welcomed a new ambassador to our sanctuary, Loki. Loki is a 7 month old high content wolf dog. Being a puppy he is a bit rambunctious, but we found he has a gift for reaching out to people of all ages. We first took Loki to Discovery Villages Senior Living Center in Naples where he showed himself to be a gentleman greeting everyone in a warm and friendly manner. We have found that Loki is very in tune with people and is able to make a connection based on how an individual is feeling. Look for Loki to continue to grow into his role as one of our ambassadors.

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Theresa Schultz, Education Coordinator

Loki, Wolfdog Ambassador

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