Shy Wolf Supporters Invited!

Who: Shy Wolf Sanctuary Supporters

What: The sale of the 47-acre Randall Curve Property

Where:  Collier County Board of County Commissioners Meeting:  3299 Tamiami Trail, 3rd Floor, Naples, FL 34112

When: Tuesday, June 25th – Agenda Item 11D Estimated time between 10:00 am – Noon


After final, best-offer proposals were submitted to purchase the 47-acre Randall Curve parcel, the Crown Management Services and Shy Wolf Sanctuary proposal has been ranked among the top two proposals for consideration by the Board of County Commissioners.


Supporters are invited to show their sentiment by attending the commission meeting wearing Shy Wolf Sanctuary shirts.


Crown Management Services has partnered with Shy Wolf Sanctuary in a proposal that benefits all Golden Gate Estates and Collier County residents. The proposal includes $3.75 million in cash, commitments of land and infrastructure for Collier County, as well as a community partnership with Shy Wolf Sanctuary.


The proposed plan enhances two commercial properties including the 47-acre parcel at Randall Curve as well as the 30-acre parcel on the Northwest corner of Wilson Blvd. and Golden Gate Blvd. Crown Management Services would pay for the Wilson 30 acres to be rezoned and subdivided into two parcels. Twenty acres would go to Shy Wolf Sanctuary for its expansion with 10 acres offered back to the county for uses benefiting the Estates Community.


With the combined cash and acreage offered to Collier County, the total value of the proposal exceeds competing bidders at over $6 million dollars value for County taxpayers.


“With our proposal, we’ve achieved a win-win situation where an important non-profit can continue their mission, the residents’ voices are heard, and Collier County will gain additional resources to enhance services for Golden Gate Estates residents,” said Robert Crown, Crown Management Services.


“Shy Wolf is so grateful to our supporters who have helped open the door for us to grow with Crown Management Services. The 20-acre parcel that we will acquire in this bid package is an ideal location to expand our programs and services for the greater Southwest Florida region,” said Beth Swiderski, president of the Shy Wolf Sanctuary Board of Directors.


Shy Wolf Sanctuary’s plans for the expanded campus includes increased capacity to care for more animals in need, an on-site veterinary clinic, and hurricane rated animal shelters. This expansion will enable the sanctuary to partner with Fish and Wildlife to rescue injured and orphaned panthers, bobcats and bears as well as continue filling a void left between domestic animal shelters, zoos and wildlife rehabilitators.  The sanctuary believes in serving the community and will open its hurricane-rated buildings and large animal veterinary clinic during times of crises.


The Sanctuary’s Healing Hearts mental health program has existing partnerships with the Children’s Network of Southwest Florida, PACE Center for Girls, Youth Haven, Women & Children’s Shelter and Valerie’s House to heal mind body & spirit. Shy Wolf will be able to expand the program for the specific needs of veterans living with the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and traumatic brain injuries.


Please come and show your support!  We can’t do it without you!