Shy Wolf Sanctuary welcomes Matthew Person to serve as Animal Care Coordinator


Shy Wolf Sanctuary Education & Experience Center is pleased to welcome Matthew Person as the organization’s new Animal Care Coordinator. In this role, he will ensure the well-being of the organization’s resident animals and implement daily animal care plans provided by the sanctuary. Additionally, Mr. Person will develop the organization’s new intern program that will offer housing to attract national and international students studying a variety of animal behavior, psychology, and natural sciences.


“The majority of our resident animals have been rescued from neglect and abuse, which is why it is essential that we handle them with utmost care and compassion. Someone like Matt, who has both the required experience and skills and genuine concern for the animal’s welfare, is the perfect person for the role,” said Deanna Deppen, Executive Director of Shy Wolf Sanctuary Education & Experience Center. “We believe that with his involvement, we can continue setting a good example for a world-class animal sanctuary.”


Mr. Person is a results-driven, detail-oriented animal caretaker with an exemplary record of volunteering in several organizations that benefit the community. Before this position, he volunteered with Shy Wolf Sanctuary to assist in several animal rescue operations. Mr. Person has worked with facilities and private individuals to coordinate rescue efforts from transportation, fostering, and administering medical care to the rescued animals. Among his accomplishments was serving on the tech team for a research project exploring the DNA lineage of New Guinea Highland Wild Dogs in Papa New Guinea. These New Guinea Highland Wild Dogs are one of the rarest wild canines, thought to be extinct until 2012, and research on them in the wild only started in 2016. Mr. Person has demonstrated the qualities of an efficient and reliable animal caretaker. He has excellent communication skills with fluency in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, and Farsi.


“As a long-time supporter of Shy Wolf Sanctuary, I am excited to provide the individual needs of each of the sanctuary’s resident animals and ensure that they are in their best condition,” said Matthew Person.