Six years ago, Nite Howls Sanctuary rescued two wolfdogs from a hoarding situation in Florida Panhandle. This rescue was run by an older couple who took Abby and Noah to their home and provided all the love and support to give them a good life. Recent health issues made it difficult for them to continue to care for the animals, so Shy Wolf Sanctuary Education and Experience Center stepped up to ensure these two wolfdogs could be placed in the best possible home and live out their lives.


When evaluating a wolfdog for placement, Shy Wolf Sanctuary evaluates typical pet-quality traits that would help the animal thrive in a home environment. This includes socialization with people and other animals, containment needs, as well as age and energy levels. Because Abby and Noah lived their entire lives in outdoor enclosures, they would not be easily transitioned to an indoor environment. Fortunately, Shy Wolf Sanctuary has a permanent foster family in Punta Gorda. The sanctuary has built outdoor habitats at this foster home, which are the perfect fit for Abby and Noah. This placement was only possible because we had a pre-qualified foster family available.



If you are passionate about supporting our mission and interested in providing a loving home to a rescued wolfdog, we encourage you to fill out an adoption application on There is no application fee or adoption fee for placement, but there is an extensive screening process to ensure there is a good fit for both the animal and the household. A complete list of available dogs and wolfdogs for adoption is on Shy Wolf Sanctuary’s adoptable page.