Through a generous $10,000 grant from The Kellogg Family Foundation, Shy Wolf Sanctuary Education & Experience Center was able to renovate and enhance the habitat for two resident wolves, Tewa and Namid.  This gift helps inspire the generosity in us all by creating a safe and fun habitat for the animals to connect with and educate visitors at the sanctuary.



Tewa was rescued in July of 2021 following an aggravated abuse case on the East Coast of Florida. Tewa will likely have life-long concerns related to some of the injuries sustained at such a young and formative age.  Shy Wolf is committed to providing all preventative and treatment options for the duration of his life, which we hope will be very long.


Namid was rescued at 3-weeks old in the summer of 2010. She was one of nine pure wolf puppies, who were “accidentally” born at another sanctuary. SWS rescued four of the siblings. Namid remains loving to those select few volunteers she chooses but is very selective and a dominant personality. This has been good in teaching Tewa how to be a wolf.


Shy Wolf Sanctuary’s habitats meet or exceed Florida Wildlife Commission safety guidelines and are routinely renovated for animal enrichment and safety purposes. Grants and corporate sponsorships are vital to helping the organization continue its mission of healing hearts and minds through rescue, sanctuary, and education.


Watch tie video created by Dr. Tom Kellogg of The Kellogg Family Foundation HERE.