Saying Goodbye to Gracie Fox

RIP 12/19/21 – We have sad and unexpected news to share with everyone. Yesterday morning, we found our silver fox Gracie unresponsive and our silver fox George not doing well. It was obvious something bad was happening to them so we rushed them to the emergency vet. We had staff sitting with them both in the back of the van and preformed CPR on Gracie.
Gracie was in and out of consciousness and the doctors and nurses at EPH (Emergency Pet Hospital) tried everything they could but unfortunately Gracie’s heart stopped and they couldn’t bring her back.
They were able to stabilize George and he stayed over night being closely monitored. George made it through the night and this morning staff transported him to our primary vet for continuing care. George has a high fever as of this morning but it’s starting to go down. He will be staying the night at our vets office tonight to make sure he will be okay.
Nothing was found in their blood, X-rays, and ultrasounds. Dr. Eisel performed a necropsy on Gracie and nothing obvious stood out so we will be waiting for results from her pathology report. We aren’t sure at this very moment what happened but we will keep you all updated.
We are incredibly heart broken for the loss of Gracie. She was 4 years old and was the sweetest fox. Gracie enjoyed playing with her brother George and their enclosure mate, Milo. She loved toys, boxes, food, and loved getting scratches and giving kisses. She was very verbal and would do her cute fox cackle when she was excited or chasing her brother around their enclosure. Gracie was loved by everyone who met her and she had a very special bond with several volunteers and staff members.  We love you Gracie fox and we miss you terribly. 💔