Personalized Video Greetings

Do you have a special occasion coming up?


Perhaps a birthday, anniversary, or job promotion?


Make it a memorable by sending a personalized greeting from one of Shy Wolf Sanctuary’s Resident Animals!

You provide us the date, the message content, and contact information for the person or persons.





1. If you are requesting a specific Resident Animal, we need additional lead time to create the video.

2. A minimum of a week’s notice is required if requesting a specific animal in the video message.

3. Messages are possible on shorter notice if you are flexible as to which Resident Animal participates.

4. We are generally able to get the entire pack to howl along at some point in the video.

5. A copy of the video will be shared with you and your loved one to keep as a treasured memory.

6. Your donation for the Customized Video Greeting is tax-deductible and you will receive an email notification.