Help us build a new sanctuary.


Our new sanctuary designs include a hurricane rated building that would also function as a fire shelter, where we can lock down our animals in secured enclosures. There will be extra kennels and space for temporary kennels or crates to house additional animals, whether it be First Responders working the natural disaster or community members evacuating an emergency situation. We believe all lives are precious and wish to serve as a greater resource to the community. Achieving our goal and building the new Sanctuary will accomplish this as we will have dedicated caretakers who would stay and could provide constant care to our residents and guests.


Property Search:  The ideal property would be a minimum of 20 acres but we’d love to find more!  We are looking in Lee County since we work so closely with FGCU students and would be able to serve Charlotte, Lee and Collier.  We are open to all suggestions and ideas.  If you have someplace in mind or see a possible location, please let us know by emailing as much information as possible to so we can check it out and see if it is possible for us to get zoning approval.  With your help we can make this happen!

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