Nancie Zecco and Tarpon Cove Yacht and Racquet Club Members Kickstart $10k Campaign for the Medical Isolation Enclosure

In January 2023, Nancie Zecco kickstarted a campaign to raise $10,000 to help us build a new medical isolation enclosure. She invited residents from Tarpon Cove Yacht and Racquet Club to learn more about Shy Wolf Sanctuary and meet one of our ambassador animals, Vector. We were able to receive $3,000 through this fundraising, taking us closer to our goal. We extend our utmost gratitude to Nancie for her efforts, and to Tarpon Cove Yacht and Racquet Club for donating a lovely charcuterie display for the guests.  

The new medical isolation enclosure is expected to be 10×20 ft with a concrete pad and will be utilized for various health and safety purposes that will be beneficial to our resident animals. It will be used to temporarily quarantine new animals that were brought or rescued to the sanctuary until they are cleared by the veterinarian and introduced to the new pack. In addition, this enclosure will serve as a recovery area for animals that have undergone medical procedures. 


With this new isolation and recovery area, animals will have minimal exposure to natural earth which will help make the wounds acquired from medical procedures stay cleaner and heal faster. Shy Wolf Sanctuary is also planning to use this isolation area to conduct tests and observations for possible behavioral issues in its animal residents. The construction of this new enclosure is one of the routine projects that Shy Wolf Sanctuary organizes for animal enrichment and facility improvement.  


It is only with the help of supportive volunteers and community members like Nancie that we are able to realize our organization’s goals and mission. Support in the form of grants and corporate sponsorships, to raise the remaining costs needed to help us realize this project, will be much appreciated. For interested sponsors, please contact or contribute online.


Current Progress of the Medical isolation Enclosure