We are saddened to share that we had to make the decision to set Milo fox free from his pain. At 8:20PM he passed peacefully surrounded by people who loved him. Tonight was a full moon, so we know his path was well-lit.


Milo was one of the first foxes we rescued and was every bit of 14 years old. He’s running and playing again with his old pals Dickens the Arctic fox and Inoli the Crab Eating Fox.

He was a product of the exotic pet trade and surrendered when he wouldn’t house train. He’s a fox and he did what foxes do. He had the coat pattern deviations common to line breeding, a practice that ultimately created the various dog breeds.

Milo was both congenial and a pistol. He’d seek attention and try to nip your ankles. He was a feisty guy to the end, but his old body had given out on him and the recovery would have been long, hard, and unfair to ask of him with slim hopes for a good quality of life.

It’s hard to say goodbye to old friends, but gratifying to know that they had a tremendous and long life at the sanctuary. We will meet again and know you were welcomed by our huge pack who have paved the way. Thank you Milo for all the lessons you taught us and all the people you touched over the last 13 years.


Remember Milo