Lelo and Bear

We were contacted about Lelo and Bear a couple of different times.  This is a situation in which Lelo was bought as a lower content wolf than she turned out to be with DNA testing.  Purchased from a different state, wolfdogs are legal to own without permits.  Wolves, however, require a Class II Fish and Wildlife permit.  The young couple thought they were buying a mid-high content wolf and ended up with a 95+% (as high as Embark tests).  Bear came from another facility in Florida.  Fortunately, they decided not to breed this pair due to their very shy and fearful personalities.  While not at all aggressive, they are truly fearful of everyone and everything.  Adjusting to a busy sanctuary is challenging, so staff and volunteers are doing their best to make the transition as easy as we can.  They are in quarantine until they can be seen by the vet.  We hope to be able to make some introductions and give them a larger and quieter enclosure once that is completed.  These are the animals and the reason Shy Wolf exists.