Shy Wolf’s Goal: $20K for 20 Years of Service

Shy Wolf Sanctuary’s HVAC was beyond fixing with a band-aid and tape. 

20 Years Serving Collier Residents & Animals


Shy Wolf Sanctuary Education and Experience Center became an official 501 non-profit on January 19, 2001, and achieved a tremendous milestone in 2021.  For two decades the Founders Kent and Nancy Smith have given over every aspect of their home and property to the cause of serving the community while saving exotic animals no one else wanted.  The captive-bred exotic and un-releasable wild animals that call the sanctuary home would have nowhere else to go.


Running on mostly volunteer power, prayers, and the kindness of donors, Shy Wolf has had a lean budget focused on rescue, sanctuary, and education.  The Healing Hearts program evolved from the animals’ stories of healing and hope.  It is a partnership with other local nonprofits to connect sanctuary animals to participants in those programs.  We work with foster children, veterans, at-risk children and adults, addiction and recovery, autism, and grieving programs.  We continue to expand this program on and off-site to serve more individuals in the community via the healing power of the animals.


The house is the life-blood of the sanctuary.  It is where the animals’ diets are prepared and all sanctuary operations run from the office.   The founders live on-site as 24/7 care is necessary, for the well-being and safety of the animals.  Recently we learned that the HVAC system was in dire condition and could no longer be held together with band-aids and duct tape.  As this realization hit us, we knew we would need to put out a large sum of money ($9000) all at once to replace this major appliance.


Please help us raise $20,000 in our 20th year of operation!  Funds will be spent on paying off the HVAC system so we don’t have that debt hanging over our operations, expanding our educational Healing Hearts program to provide more services to more partners, and habitat enhancements or repairs.


THANK YOU from the heart for the animals!!!

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