Disaster Preparedness Training


In light of the recent wildfire evacuation and Hurricane Irma, Shy Wolf Sanctuary has decided that it is in the best interest of all of our volunteers to participate in the general courses that FEMA offers.


Any volunteers on any rescue efforts should take and pass 5 tests in emergency management and Incident Command. Passing these tests will also allow you to take part in HSUS and SARC animal rescue efforts.


We are asking all volunteers to take these exams as soon as possible. It will not only prepare you for the incident command system, but will also further your knowledge in preparation for emergencies.


We very much appreciate your willingness to continue learning. You will be presented with a certificate upon completion of each test. Please make a copy and bring it to the sanctuary and give to either the Volunteer Coordinator or Office Manager so we can place it in your file in the office.


If you’d like to become more active in animal rescue after you have completed these tests or have any questions, please contact volunteer@shywolfsanctuary.org

Volunteers who were level 4 & 5 prior to the requirement for FEMA will be grandfathered in, but we strongly encourage you to complete these courses.  No deadline for completion.

All other volunteers need to take the courses appropriate to their current level and progress as outlined to other advanced levels. 

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5


NOTE: Courses National Incident Management System & Intro to National Response Framework will not be required for volunteers graduating to Level 4 or 5, but will be required for any volunteer who may take on a leadership (Incident Commander) role for a natural disaster such as we had for the wildfires and hurricane. This level of training will be voluntary, but is critical to the sanctuary and it’s future well-being.