Nancy and Kent invite you to celebrate our animals at their home at 9AM daily, except Tuesday and Thursday.  The Resident Animals are more active in the mornings when it is cooler.  You will be the guests of Nancy and Kent in their private residence.  Please plan ahead, especially for holidays, school breaks and the high season winter months in southwest Florida.

Donations are collected in place of entrance fees.

Come and learn about the many species of animals, the lessons they have to share and experience them up close and personal while celebrating their birthday, rescue anniversary or another special day.  We are 100% donor supported! Children MUST be at least 7 years of age.



Guests will gather on the back patio for an initial introduction to the sanctuary, how we came to exist, our mission and purpose, and the importance of lessons learned.  After the introduction, guests will be escorted through the winding foliage-covered paths of the sanctuary.

SPECIES SEEN WILL INCLUDE: foxes, prairie dogs, coyotes, wolves, wolfdogs, bobcats, gopher tortoises and panthers (cougars).  Many of the animals are social and guests will be able to interact with and photograph them.

WEATHER:  We celebrate our animals, rain or shine, as long as the weather is not too bad.  Lightning would obviously result in cancellation or at least a delay.  Storms pass quickly and are so scattered in Florida that we recommend you plan on showing up regardless of what the weather is at home.


DRESS:  casual, long pants and close-toed shoes recommended (walking shoes NOT flipflops or sandals).  Some may wish to wear a hat, sunscreen, or bug spray. Plan to get dirty if you choose to interact with the animals.  You may bring water or we can provide some for a small donation.  This is especially important on hot summer days!

Bring lots of ENTHUSIASM and a CAMERA!  Photos are encouraged as long as they are for personal use only.

NOTE:  Professional photographers or amateurs wishing to utilize images of our Residents need to get Board approval in advance.

NOTE: Donations are collected in place of an entrance fee.


Shy Wolf Sanctuary, Education & Experience Center, Inc., is located at a PRIVATE RESIDENCE and accepts guests by appointment ONLY.  We are closed on Tuesday and Thursday. We are closed the month of August because it is just too hot.

“Drop-In” guests will NOT be accommodated, as we are on a very strict schedule with the animals.


Children MUST be at least 7 years of age.  It is our experience that children 6 years old or younger will not have the attention span to get through the whole visit and will change the experience for all guests. We do offer off-site visits on a limited basis if you have a group of younger children that might wish to interact with one of our ambassadors.

There must be at least one adult for every three children under the age of 10 years old.


By visiting the sanctuary or interacting with our animals on or off-premise, you (each guest) are acknowledging that there is always a certain level of “risk of injury”, be it from a fall or an animal’s toenail, and you are waiving any liability rights for the Shy Wolf Sanctuary, Education & Experience Center, Inc., its volunteers, staff, and its Board of Directors.  Furthermore, you agree to all follow all rules and directions the volunteer guides will present at the time of the visit.


Smaller wheelchairs and scooters may make it all the way through our paths but larger ones will have difficulty. The front part of the sanctuary has wooden walkways but the back part is sand.  We do offer lots of shade and benches upon which to rest.  The sanctuary is located on 2.5 acres and you will be walking through the entire visit.  Most visits are about 2 hours of casual walking with periodic stops as you visit or learn about various residents.


ON-SITE:  Groups can join one of the regularly scheduled visits. Maximum number of guests per visit is 12 guests.  There must be at least one adult for every three children under 10 years old and children must be at least 7 years old to visit. The event will include a 2 hour guided visit and a talk by one of our trained guides. Private visits are available on Sundays. Please contact us if you are interested in a private tour. To book a private event, please contact info@shywolfsanctuary.org.

OFF-SITE:  We are more than happy to speak and bring ambassadors to your facility or location within the southwest Florida area. Schedule an educational program presentation.



Thank you for your interest and support!