Eagle Scout Builds Coyote House

William “Tyler” Jobes, from Troop 101 in Fort Myers, FL, selected Shy Wolf Sanctuary for his Eagle Scout project because of his interest in non-profit organizations and a fondness for wolves. After a planning meeting at Shy Wolf, he learned the coyotes need a new house most and what type of shelter to build. Tyler got the idea to build the shelter after seeing one used for hikers on the Appalachian Trail. It has a lean-to roof providing plenty of air flow and is high enough off the ground to stay dry. The roof also needed a flat space for the coyotes to hang out high off the ground. Tyler created a 3-D image to explain his design and then set out to build the house. He gathered supplies from the art, drama, and engineering departments at his school. Park benches given by the drama department were stained and placed around the Sanctuary.  After building the shelter and painting it green, Tyler transported it in his own truck to Shy Wolf Sanctuary. He and his helpers removed the existing house, cleaned out and re-leveled the space, and then assembled the house frame and roof in place. After a few curious circles around the new house, Miwok jumped on top of their new house and settled in to enjoy it!


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