Emergency Fund

Dear Supporters,

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) disrupts our work schedules and personal lives, we hope you are well. Shy Wolf Sanctuary is directly impacted as we are expending resources to protect the health and well-being of our resident animals, volunteers, and staff members. The animals are safe and in good condition, but we sadly had to cancel long-standing reservations to observe current guidelines and safety recommendations.

A significant part of Shy Wolf’s mission remains our rescue efforts for the captive-bred exotic animals with no other place to turn. We continue receiving daily inquiries regarding animals in need of rescue. Most recently, we assisted in the rescue of three wolfdogs that were abandoned and roaming freely in Collier County, followed by the rescue of a wolfdog who lived feral for ten years. We expect rescue requests to increase with so many people out of work and businesses closed, and we want to be there to help.

Our resident animals, rescues, and pet-quality adoptable animals need your help more than ever. Many of our residents come to Shy Wolf Sanctuary suffering from physical abuse or neglect. The invisible scars of being abandoned multiple times combine with the effects of old age to increase medical needs. Seventeen residents are over ten years of age.

The full-impact of COVID-19 is yet to be realized. Your financial contribution will help ensure that every member of our pack continues to receive a high level of care and support they need. Now is an especially critical point in Shy Wolf’s growth as we negotiate for more land and plan the move to our new facility. We’re asking for your assistance, at whatever level you can afford, to buffer our emergency and operational funds through these uncertain days ahead. Your donation will ensure the best care for our rescued residents and enable us to move forward on solid footing with the land purchase.

How can you help?


Max Costanzo, Fundraising Manager
Cell: 954-646-9691

Sukaii was one of three wolfdogs abandoned and roaming wild in Eastern Collier County.

Many of the animals that come to Shy Wolf Sanctuary have experienced abuse and neglect, requiring ongoing medical care and supplements to keep them healthy.