9 Apr

Red Fox Gypsy Rescued

Gypsy is an 8 year old female red fox who recently lost her friend Salem.  Her person loves her dearly, but felt she would do better living with other foxes.  When we picked Gypsy up, she immediately won the hearts of all staff and volunteers with her sweet personality.  It’s refreshing to have a fox that […]

7 Apr

Avow Treasures is Moving

5 Apr

CREE – RIP 04/04/22 We have sad  news to share with everyone. Last night we had to say goodbye to our wolfdog, Cree. Cree lived a long 15 years with us but unfortunately his body started shutting down. We knew it was his time as he became very lethargic, didn’t want to eat, and was having […]

20 Mar

Bogie and Kiya find their Inner Artist

Bogie and Kiya recently moved to the front of the sanctuary and are having new adventures.  Since they’re in the front, the got to try walking down the driveway and even got to try their hand at painting.  As it turns out, Bogie was a more enthusiastic artist, despite his normal shyness, than the more […]

19 Mar

Cimmy gets a new Bed

Cimarron (aka Cimmy) LOVES his new fire hose bed made by Volunteer Paul.  He sends a special THANK YOU out to North Collier Fire Control District for giving us the old fire hoses to repurpose for him and his friends!

18 Mar

Champ Jaxon visits Shy Wolf

We were very happy to have Champ Jaxon visit the sanctuary to learn about our resident animals and all of our programs.  He joined us with his parents, some of the band, and friends.  Singing with Melbourne the Singer and howling with the wolves couldn’t compare with meeting Cimmy the Cougar, his favorite new friend. […]

17 Mar

Happy Birthday Saint Raven and Happy Saint Patrick’s Day too!

Happy 11th birthday Raven!!!  Raven has the patience of a saint!! He plays the role of dad with young Loki and Yardley and all of the shenanigans he puts up with is what makes him so patient. Raven will be one of the first animals to greet you and give you a welcoming howl, and […]

15 Mar

Happy 7th Birthday Hopa!

Happy 7th birthday to our handsome boy, Hopa!!  Hopa is one goofy wolfdog! He almost always has a smile on his face and a happy tail when he sees his friends. He is selective on who can go into his enclosure, but if you are one of his friends then he will be forever loyal […]

12 Mar

Happy Birthday Apollo & Yutu!

We have two birthdays to celebrate today! Happy 7th birthday to our handsome Apollo and happy 10th birthday to coyote, Yutu!! Apollo is our ambassador wolfdog who goes to events, schools, and greets our visitors at the sanctuary. He is incredibly goofy and has the biggest heart! Apollo will immediately greet you and demand pets by […]

11 Mar

Happy Birthday Founder Kent Smith!

Please help us wish our co-founder, Kent Smith, a very happy 78th birthday!!! Kent has done so much for the sanctuary throughout the years and he continues to do so. Every Monday and Wednesday he goes and picks up meat for our animals and always makes sure we are fully stocked on food for them. […]