Bane gets Adopted!

Thanks to lots of work by dedicated volunteers, Bane has found his forever home.  Craig and Kim spent many weekends working with Bane on his manners, trusting strangers, leash skills, and meeting new dogs.  While they were doing all of that, other volunteers and Staff were sharing the word that Bane needed a new home, due to health issues in his family, and screening potential adopters.


We had a couple apply for another adoptable dog that was not a match for their girl, Savannah.  After a couple of “meet and greet” dates for the potential adopters and dogs, we were able to deliver Bane to his new home.  We are thrilled to have these happy endings!


Adopters go through the process of applying, reference checks, veterinary reference checks, home ownership verification (or lease verification allowing a pet), site visit, and meetings with current pets BEFORE we ever place an adoptable animal in a new home.  Our process is thorough to make sure that we find the right match for every pet.


We’re always looking for fosters and adopters to save more pet-quality animals that don’t belong in sanctuary.  Email for more information or check out the application at online.