Apollo is Recovering from Ear Surgery

Apollo came to us almost a year ago skin stretched over bone, no hair, and in very poor health.  We gave him medicated baths, nutritional food, supplements, thyroid medication, and lots of love.  Gradually his hair grew back, he gained weight…but one problem persisted despite daily medical care.  Our efforts to clean his ears and treat them with specially-formulated drops did little to relieve his discomfort.  Through is pain, Apollo grew to be one of our best ambassadors alongside Dancer.  He loves going for rides and educating people in the community.


Finally our veterinarians said enough is enough…we had to face the fact that a major surgery was required to relieve Apollo of his pain.  This surgery required a surgeon to completely remove the infected ear canals, leaving Apollo deaf.  We don’t think he was hearing very well prior to the procedure due to the heavy infection, and he likely was already functionally deaf.   Just a few short days after the procedure, Apollo is already showing his smiling self and indicating that he’s already feeling better.  Recovery is lengthy with this type of surgery and our Operations Manager has opened her home to allow Apollo to recover inside.  Our staff and volunteers are the BEST and go to any length necessary to ensure the animals are receiving the best care possible.  We couldn’t do any of this without YOU and your support.  On behalf of Apollo, thank you for making our work possible!