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We were contacted in 2017 by FWC through another rescue organization that knew we had foxes.  There was a family in the Panhandle that had a young fox with medical issues.  They had just had a new baby, had another young child and the medical concerns the fox (Cricket) had were weighing heavily upon them.  The family loved their furry friend enough to reach out and find a place better suited to care for a fox, with the resources to treat her.  They were so committed to Cricket that they drove her all the way down to Naples to check out her new home before leaving her.

This little red fox was really closed down to all of us, despite our best efforts to win her trust.  We’ve had her to the vet to remove mats, check bloodwork, and do other tests.  We’ve even had our animal communicator work with her and we learned she wanted to be called Sophia…so we changed her name.

Since coming to join us, we’ve only seen one seizure and we’ve worked her almost completely off her meds again.  We have come to believe that her diet may have contributed to the seizures.  Sophia’s on a raw meat diet with supplements and some fruit and she’s come a long way health-wise.

Once we know she isn’t going to relapse without the meds, we hope to introduce this sweet girl to our older fox Milo.  We think they would make a great pair to hang out in the lazy days…say prayers this pairing will work out!