Shy Wolf Sanctuary | Shy Wolf Sanctuary Wolfdog Nikita
Shy Wolf Sanctuary Wolfdog Nikita
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Sadly, the owner of this Belle Glade 6 wolfdog pack passed away and the pack could not live with the owner’s family members. Our incredible volunteer team traveled to Belle Glades, FL and transported them back to Shy Wolf Sanctuary. Medical attention, food and lots of love were given to them and their behavior was evaluated to determine if they could be adopted into proper homes. Two of them will be staying permanently at Shy Wolf as they’ve joined our packs quite nicely!

Takoda and Nikita will remain at Shy Wolf Sanctuary, while Apache, Dakota, Bear and Cheyenne start a new wonderful life! After Takoda moved in with Chatima, Nikita became part of the pack with Waya and Raven, where they lived peacefully.

When Waya passed, Raven moved in with Jena and Loki so he could teach Loki how to be a good wolfdog. Leaving Nikita without a partner, Hopa was introduced to her since he was living next door and the two fell fast in love!



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