In the early morning hours of February 9th, our founder Nancy Smith discovered that Treasure had made his final journey to the Rainbow Bridge. He was discovered lying under his house and appeared to have passed peacefully in the night with his beloved Jewel nearby.

Treasure was a charmer from the beginning and embodied his name, recommended by one of our dedicated volunteers. “He’s such a treasure!” was his first and last impression. Fate somehow led him to be a companion to a shyer girl named Jewel…and it was meant to be. Jewel is several years senior to him and approaching her 20th year, by our best estimate.

While Treasure had experienced a mysterious stomach problem recently that required abdominal surgery and a major recovery, he seemed to have taken that in stride like so many other things through the years. He was eating well and happily greeting our volunteers and staff even throughout the day on Wednesday. There is no indication that his passing was related and our vet suspects an acute heart attack. At fourteen years old, Treasure lived a long and happy life.

Some of his favorite things to do were going for walks with his volunteer friends, devouring his dinner by “wolfing it down” whenever possible and expressing his creative side with his paw print paintings. He used to love to take walks with Luna, who preceded him in death because Jewel was a homebody. We have no doubt that Luna greeted him enthusiastically upon his arrival and began showing him the giant holes she’s dug for them to lounge in.

Please keep Jewel and all his human family in your prayers as we press forward in a world without the constant, calm, and reassuring presence we knew as our Treasure.

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