Run Free Yiska 10/13/16

We said goodbye to our Yiska.  None of us were prepared for him to leave us. Monday he ate and seemed fine.  Wednesday he wouldn’t eat.  We sedated him and took him to the vet shortly after lunch.  His bonded mate Luna cried for him all afternoon. X-rays revealed he had a growth that perforated his intestine. Emergency surgery was performed and he spent the night at the emergency vet.  Thursday morning his kidneys failed and a few volunteers gathered with Nancy to say goodbye to Yiska on behalf of our Shy Wolf family.


He was brought home to Shy Wolf Sanctuary for Luna to say goodbye to him.  It was necessary for her to see him and understand he was gone. Heartbroken, she was silent the rest of the day.  We believe in our hearts Yiska and Luna know we did everything we could to save him.  After 15 years of rescue, President Deanna Deppen said she has never seen a love between a bonded pair that compared to Yiska and Luna.  We know his spirit continues to live with his Luna and he will greet her on the other side.



This handsome boy was one of several wolfdogs turned over to Pasco County Animal Shelter from a back yard breeder situation. There were 18 animals in all turned in with only three of them appearing to have any wolf content. Shy Wolf Sanctuary volunteers went up to pull another wolfdog that had been shot in the leg and would have been euthanized. We couldn’t pull one and leave the other behind, so our volunteers came back with two animals and both went to foster.


Despite being safe, cared for and receiving yummy raw meat, Yiska still was distant and shy…that is until the love of his life, Luna, was brought down and they were reunited.


Yiska is now a very happy boy. He’s so fortunate that some of our volunteers prefer calling him “Lucky”, but his official name was chosen to represent the fact that his past was behind him and it was the dawn of a new day.


He remains somewhat elusive to his human care givers, but he knows he’s “home” forever.


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