On April 16, 2015, Deanna received an email from Caloosa Humane Society.  A puppy was found on the side of the road in LaBelle and brought to them by a local FWC officer, who told them that they needed to euthanize it.   The Humane Society employee “just couldn’t euthanize a healthy puppy” and so he sent her to a foster home in Naples until a better plan could be formed.  Deanna talked to Nancy about the possibility of putting this female in with Morgan, a young male coyote who was alone in his enclosure.  Since Morgan gets along with Lola, the female Dingo, when they are together, Deanna thought he might accept this new young female coyote.  Nancy, who can never say “no” to a baby animal, immediately agreed to accept the pup.


The foster dad in Naples kept the puppy at his home until he thought she was old enough to come here – about 7-8 weeks of age.  “Then,” Nancy says, “all of a sudden she showed up at the door!”  Once she got here, everyone fell in love with her.  She was named Willow.  At first she was afraid of everything and kept to herself.  Little by little she is coming out of her shell, and especially likes interacting through the fence with our other resident canines, especially Morgan.

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