On Wednesday, July 1st, Shy Wolf Sanctuary received a call from a homeowner in North Fort Myers saying that her dog had injured a baby coyote. Two volunteers, Deanna Deppen and Judy Rakocinski, drove out to the residence to find a baby coyote curled up in the corner of a utility room. The coyote was crated and rushed to the emergency vet. There was concern of a broken leg and spinal damage. X-rays showed no breaks and the vet seemed to think the damage was a soft tissue injury. The coyote was such a trooper about his ordeal, was fittingly named Trooper.


Trooper went home to stay with Deanna in hopes that he would fully heal and perhaps be able to join the other coyotes at the sanctuary. Unfortunately, over the next couple days, he began to exhibit further signs of distress and was immediately rushed back to the emergency vet. His little heart was giving out. He was a fighter, but the health problems, which the vet thought were pre-existing the attack, were just too much for him. We said goodbye as he went quietly over the Rainbow Bridge.


Shy Wolf Sanctuary spares no expense when it comes to the care and treatment of any animal in our care. It is because of our amazing volunteers and generous contributors that we are able to try to meet the needs as they arise. We can’t thank you all enough for your continued support.


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