Tiberius aka “Tybe” is an enigma. We are not sure of his early history, but he was only about 18-months old when we were called to rescue him. First, he went into foster with one of our volunteers. It was quickly evident that tiberiusTybe would need a special home if one could be found, as he had some issues. He would “resource guard” his food once it was in his possession. He also showed an interest in jumping a 6 foot fence. He desperately wanted attention, however, so we thought with the right situation it might work. We transported Tybe to Virginia in an attempt to give him a better life than he could have in a sanctuary setting. He loved the yard and the female wolfdog, but quickly became a bully with his caregiver. He was resource guarding everything and this became unmanageable. After three months, we received a call to come get him.


Deanna and Claudia (her first rescue trip) drove to Virginia in January 2011. They were hoping to walk up and put a leash on Tybe, since he’d done well with leash walking in the past. That was not to be the case! Liz Mahaffey from the Wolf Sanctum had offered to help if needed, and she had darting equipment. After two days, three darts, and endless tramping up and down the snow-covered hill, we were finally able to get close enough to get hands on this stubborn boy.


Tiberius is happy to have Dreamer as his companion at Shy Wolf Sanctuary, and especially loves their special exercise yard. He’s made the adjustment to life at Shy Wolf, but still has his peculiarities. While he will give a warning prior to snapping, it may only be a sideways look or body stiffening. He begs for attention and to play, but also has a hairline trigger. For this reason, Tiberius will always remain a sanctuary animal with his own special volunteers.

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