Pasco County Animal Control contacted us about a situation they had in which an owner had neglected her five wolfdogs.  They were thin, escaping, and were being shot because they were out hunting food in the form of other people’s chickens.  Two of them were dead, two were going to another person who stepped up…and that left one:  Apache.  He was so big, thin, depressed and obviously in need that we couldn’t say “no” to helping this boy.  The shelter was under quarantine and the staff were not even going to be able to take him for walks.


We’d just lost Tien, which left Indy all by herself…but could we possibly introduce another animal, any animal, to a BLIND wolf?!?  Only time would tell…but first he needed to be brought back to health.  Volunteers Sue and Mary Lou drove up to pick the boy up and bring him home to Shy Wolf Sanctuary.  This was Mary Lou’s first “rescue trip” and she’s been with us nearly 15 years!


Upon arrival at Shy Wolf Sanctuary, he was bathed and inundated with attention he wasn’t used to receiving. Taavi never once showed an inclination towards reacting negatively.  He simply seemed to be in shock and shut down.  He learned to eat raw meat very quickly and our volunteers were happy to indulge him to put weight back on his lean frame.  Walks with Indy were started to see how he’d do outside of his space and again no signs of aggression at all.



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