We were told her name means “Little Wind” because when she was small she ran very fast and a lot! We don’t know what language that was from and have not found it, but our girl Saia is a very special and happy soul.

Originally purchased as a lower content puppy, her owner found out all about backyard breeders that lie about content. Then she found out how HUGE the problem is in rescue for wolfdogs when she tried to find a place for Saia to go. She lived in a “historic” part of St. Pete and was not allowed to have what would be appropriate fencing for a dog like Saia.

When a rescue couldn’t be found, Saia went to a friend’s house and was raised around her children. All was good until Saia started escaping her containment, something she got from her daddy we came to find out later. Saia got out and was hit by a car, dislocating her hip and still she was on the lam for three days. By the time they found and caught her, Saia’s hip could not be reduced and she ended up eventually having the ball of the femur removed so that her leg would not be in pain. For this reason, we have to closely watch her weight and she is prone to arthritis.

Saia is a black phase that is silvering out nicely. Because of this experience, her owner began helping with wolfdog rescue and eventually took over running Lost Wolf Rescue. Joanne Strinka evaluated, transported, and saved many animals in the few years she had left. We lost Joanne in 2010 shortly after she did one last transport that saved two more lives.

Saia lived for a few years in foster at one of our volunteer & board member’s home along with another wolfdog ambassador named Ahanu. When he passed, she came to stay for Christmas at Shy Wolf Sanctuary while the volunteer went home to visit family. The volunteers and Cree had fallen in love with Saia during the week she was there and it was decided Saia was better off at the sanctuary with Cree as a companion.

Things change, animals get moved, and eventually Saia found herself being introduced to Koda & Mia. They accepted her into their little group and Saia gets a lot of pleasure out of aggravating Koda…all in good fun, of course! Saia moved in with Cree, while Mia lived with Koda until he passed in 2016. Mia lived with Jasper until January 2017, when she moved back in with Cree and Saia.


It’s with a heavy heart that we said goodbye to one of our senior ladies. Saia’s name meant “Little Wind” and when younger she lived up to it! Purchased as a pup, her owner quickly realized Saia was more wolf than dog and began looking for a rescue to take the pup. As a result of that search, we eventually met Joanne Strinka and she became an integral part of our rescue efforts, helping to save and transport many animals over the years.

Saia was a special girl who loved to play jokes on volunteers and her pack mates. One of her favorite things was to jump in the freshly filled foot tub and slpash out all of the water…and she would repeat it as many times as volunteers would fill it! We had just recently moved her into a retirement enclosure with a calm older female we had rescued. Koti and Saia hit it off amazingly well and spent time just hanging out and relaxing.

Saia had such a strong spirit that she never gave us an indication that she was experiencing seizures. We knew she was slowing down and attributed it to her age and her hip surgery, but there was more going on and we couldn’t allow her to suffer through the seizures for even a day. Our amazing vet came out on his day off to allow Saia to cross at home and our volunteers to say their farewells.

We know that Joanne was there to greet Saia as she crossed…along with other companions who have passed before her. Run free, Sweet Saia, until the time we meet again. We know the reunion was something to behold!

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