WOLFDOG – (FL) – 3yof

10/25/22 – we’re very happy to report that Rikki (now Raven) has found her forever home with her foster family.  Happy new life, Raven!!!


08/14/22 UPDATE:  We were able to get Rikki into a foster situation and are working through some adjustment issues.  It seems that Rikki had an indoor/outdoor access and is not fully house trained for living 100% indoors. We are currently still accepting applications in case this foster home does not work out and we can find her another situation more closely aligned with what she had previously.  We are working closely with In Harmony With Nature Animal Haven on this rescue.


Rikki’s mom died. Then her shepherd brother was rehomed so that her human dad could move out of state.


This girl needs and deserves a break. Rikki is a 3 year old female, spayed, up to date on vaccines, lived with four cats and a shepherd. We’re still evaluating how she is with new introductions. She’s been a house dog and could stand to lose a few pounds as her mom spoiled her.  Leashes and walks well and is looking for a soft place to land.  Due to being a house dog, overweight, and not used to the heat she really doesn’t belong outside in the Florida heat all of a sudden.  She’s not a sanctuary dog, but is a little shy at first and needs patience and love to show her that people can be trusted. Her whole world has come crashing down around her.  If you can be that safety net, preferably a forever home, please complete the adoption application for Rikki.  We’d prefer to place her in Florida to better assist with support if needed during her adjustment period.


Due to her nervousness and uncertainty, homes with small children will not be considered at this time. Thank you for your understanding. Her ideal home would be a quiet one with someone to make her the center of their world and possibly a friend, canine or feline.


NOTE:  We are placing Rikki in a temporary emergency foster, but this situation is still very much in flux. Please act now if you can be Rikki’s forever person and family.