Hound Mix (FL) – 3YOM

Meet Mr. Peabody, a SPECIAL NEEDS placement!  Mr. Peabody is a neutered male hound mix, about 3 years old, who is friendly and loving.  Despite being completely blind, Mr. P does well on leash and is easy to handle.  He seems to be good with people and other dogs.  Mr. Peabody’s origins are a bit of a mystery; he found his way into the home of a dying elderly man to provide comfort and love, but his people could not be located so he was taken in by RGFR.  Mr. P’s health status is unknown. Mr. Peabody and Annabelle could go together to a new home, foster, or rescue.

It’s imperative that interested adopters complete the adoption application so that we can properly match Mr. Peabody to the best fit for him!

After faithfully serving animals and the community for over 30 years, Red Gate Farm Rescue, is forced to terminate operations due to a serious health crisis on the part of the founder and primary caregiver, Debra Jarrell.  Red Gate Farm currently houses thirteen dogs that are all in immediate need of relocation to another no-kill rescue organization, or better, a permanent adopter.  Long time rescue partner, Shy Wolf Sanctuary Education and Experience Center, is coordinating the relocation effort on behalf of Red Gate Farm Rescue.

*Mr. Peabody loves to hang with Sophie Sweets who is very tolerant of him and his need to put things in his mouth (due to his blindness) – for this reason he should not go to a home with very small children. He likes to show you he loves you with little nibbles or pinches.


NOTE:  Mr. Peabody is fostered for Shy Wolf with Sophie Sweets and would love to find a home together – while they can be separated he does rely on her or his person to find his way around.  He is totally blind and gets drops for his eyes to keep him comfortable. He is also heartworm positive and will be undergoing treatment for that when bloodwork comes back.