Hardly a day goes by when Shy Wolf Sanctuary doesn’t receive a rescue request. Such was the case in May of 2016 when we first heard about Raven. The shelter reached out to us for placement options since they had worked with us before to save other animals.


Raven was an owner surrender to the shelter when a breeder was given an ultimatum: surrender the dog who was escaping or face the possibility of losing all of her animals. She chose to surrender Raven to the shelter. He was intact, very thin to the point of emaciation almost at 85lbs., but fortunately heartworm negative. There weren’t many options for Raven and time was running out.


Shy Wolf Sanctuary agreed to bring him in…if he didn’t fit into one of our packs we would visit the option of adoption. Raven was medically treated, neutered, and began the path to gaining weight. We realized early on that he seems to have an extremely calm demeanor and may eventually be able to serve in the capacity of ambassador. He also very much mirrors our own Lobo, lost this past year in both looks and temperament. We lost Lobo, Kawani & Four Socks all in the past two years and Waya has had some major adjustments to make after losing members of his pack.


“Raven does not show any aggression and gets along well with Nikita and Waya. We are thrilled Nikita and Waya accepted him right away and Raven is happy with his new pack,” stated Shy Wolf Sanctuary’s Deanna Deppen. “While Raven is a bit shy in his new environment, he is warming up to people and we think he will make a great ambassador for Shy Wolf Sanctuary.”


When Waya passed, the decision was made to introduce Raven to Jena and our new puppy Loki.  The introduction went well and the three formed a family. Jena and Raven will teach Loki how to be a good wolfdog.

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