Precious Lady

Precious has joined her sister Beauty.


“Precious” and her sister Beautiful Lady were brought to Shy Wolf Sanctuary under an agreement that if they did not fit into one of our packs, the other licensed & inspected facility would take them back. Once we saw the condition they were in, however, that was never an option. Their story varies depending on whether you believe the wife, they were boarded for two weeks and never picked up, or the husband, there was a wooden box at the end of the drive and when he opened it out popped these two “wolves”.

Precious and Beauty had never been vetted during their two years at the other facility and they had a lot of physical and mental problems to overcome. Precious was totally dependent upon Beauty. It was like Precious was trying to crawl into Beauty’s skin when we first got her. They didn’t even have names!

Both had the worst case of heartworm we’ve ever treated, along with hookworms, and coccidia (a highly contagious bacteria spread through feces). They spent months in isolation being treated prior to being introduced to any of our other animals. They became part of the “Back Pack” in which Beauty and Viggo were the leaders. We lost both Elan & Beauty in 2013 and it was decided we would move Precious to the more secluded habitat with Cree. She seems to enjoy the extra shrubbery and definitely has had an improvement in her ears. The flies used to attack her unmercifully.

Precious is still very shy, but does approach some volunteers and once you gain her trust she gives the best back rub in the whole place!


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