06/16/21 – Ozzy just can’t catch a break with adopters.  He needs someone that can be his everything…literally…or a job.  Ozzy has separation anxiety and becomes distressed when left at home or crated, but can live in a normal home with some precautions like child-proofing your cabinets and refrigerator and locking all doors when you leave.  He is not destructive to house or furniture.  We are working on behavior modification, medical treatment, and positive reinforcement.  He needs to find stable footing and most definitely wants to be inside.

  • PROS:  great ambassador with older children and adults, has been surrounded by an entire school of children and behaved perfectly, house trained and behaves impeccably… he just wants to be near his person, he’s had obedience training and other past classes and could become a therapy dog, leashes well, walks well, loves people, loves attention, travels and rides in a car well, has lived with other dogs but needs dogs that are not overly excitable, seems to be okay with cats but more would need to be done to evaluate this
  • CONS:  separation anxiety becomes a real issue whenever he is left alone and to his own devices, he can open doors and opens refrigerator doors (he loves cheese) – but these are manageable with child protection devices, he’s currently on no medications but when needed will take them in Laughing Cow cheese, he can and will destroy a crate to get out (but sleeps in them when the door is open and it is his choice) so crating and leaving him is not the right home – he needs to find someone willing to Ozzy-proof their kitchen and he will be fine, he cannot handle an overly active home or home without a schedule well, and he did not do well with the new infant and change in schedule and attention.
  • IDEAL HOME:  a home where someone is there most of the time or he can be with you (go to work with you), he’d be perfect in a nursing home or retirement facility if there were one searching for a community therapy dog or for people who work split shifts (with someone home all the time), and he has potential to be a trained psychiatric service dog (he exhibits natural behaviors to be with his person and to ground his person) but it would have to be someone that can handle the stress of adding a dog’s care to their life – his latest placement didn’t work out because the person had too many triggers and was not ready for the changes a dog brings, even when they are there to help you.


Ozzy came to us in July 2019 as an emergency rescue. He was 7 years old and had already been displaced from his home once before due to divorce. He’s a very special boy who was much loved and had a great deal of training and exposure to people with his first person. The second home tried keeping him outdoors and he wanted no part of that, as demonstrated by constant escapes. Labeled a Sibercaan (Siberian Husky and Canaan Dog) his DNA came back with no Canaan dog at all!  He’s a Siberian Husky, Samoyed, Malamute, Shepherd and low content wolf dog.  In other words, he’s a perfect Ozzy!


Ozzy will find his ideal home with someone who works from home or can take him with them to work. He has some unique abilities that include opening refrigerator doors and turning (or trying to turn) doorknobs when left alone. Separation anxiety is a real thing for this sweet Wookie…he just wants to be with his person!


He’s been an amazing ambassador for the sanctuary, greeting happily more than 200 kids at a summer camp.  He’s unflappable around people and absolutely loves the attention.  He’s good with other animals out in public and not afraid of any situation.


Adopted:  09/2019  Returned to SWS: 12/2020

We stand behind every dog adopted and will always take them back into the sanctuary or foster, should their home not work out for any reason.  We don’t get many animals coming back due to our intensive screening process.  Please EMAIL US  if you are the right person to give Ozzy his stable forever home!