May 6, 2018

It is with heavy hearts that we said goodbye to Nikita. She was an extremely shy girl we rescued from Belle Glades several years ago. Labeled a wolfdog, it is our opinion that she was an unsocialized malamute. Because she was untouchable and unleashable, she was not able to be put up for adoption.

We were able to introduce her to one of our packs. She fit in immediately and had no issues with other canines. Nikita was gradually becoming curious about our volunteers and it was a special day when one of them could get a fleeting “kiss” on the hand or briefly touch her across the back of one of her companions. She survived both Lobo and Waya, so we introduced her to Hopa. The new couple had a special bond and she seemed to really make Hopa happy just by being his friend.

On May 2nd our volunteers noticed Nikita didn’t come up to eat. This was unheard of as she never missed an opportunity and never turned down food offered. She loved everything! We also noticed she had vomited and was breathing hard, so we caught her up and rushed her to the emergency vet thinking she was bloating, a life-threatening condition. It wasn’t bloat and what seemed like good news turned really bad, as we could get no diagnosis and no answers to her continuing declining health. Nikita spent five days in the emergency room, never standing, never resisting or trying to avoid people, and never showing any sign or desire to fight. She had simply given up on life for some unknown reason. Eventually diagnosed with pneumonia, we don’t know if that was a primary or secondary resulting diagnosis.

The decision was made to help Nikita cross on May 6th rather than letting her waste away from not eating. Surrounded by a few loving volunteers and Founder Nancy Smith, we gently sent Nikita to be with the rest of our pack on the other side of the bridge. While our hearts are heavy, we’re sure that Nikita is pain free and at peace.


Sadly, the owner of this Belle Glade 6 wolfdog pack passed away and the pack could not live with the owner’s family members. Our incredible volunteer team traveled to Belle Glades, FL and transported them back to Shy Wolf Sanctuary. Medical attention, food and lots of love were given to them and their behavior was evaluated to determine if they could be adopted into proper homes. Two of them will be staying permanently at Shy Wolf as they’ve joined our packs quite nicely!

Takoda and Nikita will remain at Shy Wolf Sanctuary, while Apache, Dakota, Bear and Cheyenne start a new wonderful life! After Takoda moved in with Chatima, Nikita became part of the pack with Waya and Raven, where they lived peacefully.

When Waya passed, Raven moved in with Jena and Loki so he could teach Loki how to be a good wolfdog. Leaving Nikita without a partner, Hopa was introduced to her since he was living next door and the two fell fast in love!

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